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Welcome to Blue Brain Robotics (BBRRC Pvt. Ltd.)

Blue Brain Robotics is the leading Robotics Training Institute with highly skilled professionals who provides real-time training with practical kits. We provide trainings on latest technologies such as Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Arduino coding, Python coding, IOT, Machine Learning, Raspberry pi, NodeMCU and Drone. The existing trend of Artificial Intelligence clearly shows its vital role in next decade which cuts across industries; and we are extremely proud that we are playing the key role in this journey to prepare our children towards future technologies with creativity and innovation.

We also provide placement trainings for the college students.

  • Creativity & Focus Thinking
  • Cognitive & StemSkill
  • Logical Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Self Esteem Preseverance



Level 1

• Introduction to Robotics and Basic of Electronics
• 30 Practical Activities
• 3 Robots
• 3 Robots


Level 2

Circuit Building
• Soldering Practice
• 25 Practical Activities
• 3 Robots
• 2 Products


Level 3

• App Developer
• learning of Android and its applications
• Creating your own phone call and messaging app
• Creating real time games and security applications


  • Moulding the future Scientists
  • Training in STEM & Robotic Lab
  • Conducting Robotic Exhibitions
  • High class Hands-on technical syllabus for children
  • Prepares children for Future Technologies.
  • Bridges the gap between children and real-time Industry requirements
  • Focusing key emerging technologies like- Embedded system, Robotics, Mechatronics, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Provides fundamental training to foster creativity and nurture innovation culture
  • Quality assessment through regional, national and international competitions.
  • Enhances creativity and productivity among children.
  • Periodic syllabus revisions as per the world’s latest Industry requirement 
  • Step by step training in Artificial Intelligence
  • To get experience on Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) 

Engaging with Practical's


Skill Development


Parents satisfaction


Quality Education

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1. Contact us on the given number

2. Get visited your institute by our expert within 72 hours

3. Get to know our wonderful plans for the children

4. Agree with us

5. Get ready to convert your college/school/University/Organisation into innovative hub



1. Talk with Our Experts / Fill the Enrollment form

1. Buy the suitable online course for your children

2. Receive the kit within 48 hours

4. Select the Flexible time of Your Child

5. Start learning

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Some facts in numbers



Anybody can build a Robot ! Build an educational ecosystem where anyone from a young primary school student to a working professional, could learn to build a fully functional

We are giving 7 levels of training in BBR. Depending upon the age of your child, you can choose the course. No need to learn order wise from level 1. If your child wants to learn directly level 3 without learning level 1 and level 2, surely he/she can.

as your child ever broken the remote or any other electronic things and tried to see what is inside that? If yes, this class is perfectly right for your child. She/he is very curious to learn technology.


Robotics will help since it can be applied in any field such as business, medical, media, engineering, architecture, and so on.

Our academic classes start for students from age 5.

For institutes, it will take one academic year to complete each level. For individuals, it depending upon their level

Yes, we are offering internships and the opening will be soon posted on our website.

On completion of every course, we do provide a course completion certificate within 20 days.

All our courses are categorised according to student grade, if they fit in grade criteria they can upgrade.

Related to each module of their course they will be doing a project.

The total duration of the course is divided into multiple sessions where each session will be for 1 and half hours.

All the kits and components required for the class will be provided to the students in the lab for offline course and will be sent to the address of student for online course.

The course is designed in such a way that the student will be learning only through hands-on training

Sure. Before any admission, a free counselling will be provided for both parent and the student to give knowledge about the course.

A group of well-qualified engineers from various disciplines will be handling the courses.

Yes, we have the dedicated Research and Development facility located in Madurai where efficient engineers are working on our product development projects.

Classes will be combined with students of the same level where they will be working in groups.

During the admission according to the number of student discount can be discussed.

From Monday to Saturday our office timing is 9 A.M to 7 P.M and on Sunday from 9 A.M to 8 P.M.

Every year in April and May during the summer vacation we provide summer camps.

Workshops will be conducted regularly, and the information will be updated on our website and social media page. We also provide workshops on request from companies, schools and universities.

In this current industrial revolution, robotics plays the most important role where like computers robots will also become very common, in that era not just building even operating it will become very essential.

We teach students from the scratch of every field that is involved and at the end of the course; they will be fully aware robotics.

After understanding the need of the individual, we can provide them with customized modules.

We believe education is equal to all and there is no exception to it, after the evaluation we can place the student inappropriate batch.



What Parents Saying

Our daughter absolutely enjoys the robotics class and always look forward for the next every week. Excellent work done by the BBR tutor. I’m surprised that my daughter is making such kinds of robots at the age of just 11 years and she is really eagerly learning. Our daughter love the experience and we are thrilled they are spending time on intellectual activities.

Krishnakumar (F/O K.A.Varshana)

Thank you very much BBR for giving such a wonderful training to my son.It’s been an half year and I’m able to see a drastic changes in his skills. His focus towards science is increasing day by day. Above all I found a major time on technology related articles rather than spending time on TV, mobile and video games. The curiosity behind every technology surprises him. Thank you BBR team.

R.Tamilselvi (M/O R.Manimaran)

Harikesh loves to attend the robotics class and likes to do all his practicals. He loves to do many innovation in practicals, also this class gives him the talent to understand other concepts in his academics easily especially in physics. When I first took my son to BBR, I wasn’t not sure what to expect. But the kind of things he does are simply amazing. When he does the practicals, he looks very curious. he always keep taking about the practicals what he has done and what he is going to do in upcoming weeks. I couldn’t do such things at his age, the credits goes to BBR team. Thank you.

PushpaDurga (M/O A.P.Harikesh)

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