Blue Brain Robotics (BBRRC Pvt. Ltd.)

Blue Brain Robotics is associated with Indian & international technical universities, business and industrial firms, and also with Engineering/diploma graduates & groups who are interested or involved in Technical education and training worldwide. Blue Brain Robotics is dedicated to the advancement and improvement of high-quality Technical education and training throughout the world.
BBRRC Private Limited is working to create a new era in the field of Engineering & Technical Education across the globe. Our Members include Experienced Core Engineers, researchers & trainers from Technical Field. Blue Brain Robotics education and training is aimed to develop human resources for Core Industries.



The vision and objective of the founder and CEO, Miss. Saranya Malaichamy, is to become a leader in multiple industries and aspire to become a recognized knowledge producing body in the field of robotics.



Our steady climb to success is rooted in honesty, integrity, delivering as promised and hard work. At the core of everything we do at Blue Brain Robotics is integrity and compliance with our Code of Business Conduct.